The process of skin aging is nothing more than the slowing down of tissue renewal. As we age, our body becomes less efficient than when we were young, the skin loses its firmness, proper hydration and elasticity, which results in the appearance of wrinkles and deeper furrows. Platelet rich plasma rejuvenation is a natural and safe way to stay young that we can provide you.


Slight discomfort may be felt during the application of platelet-rich plasma, but a special anesthetic cream minimizes the pain experience.

A platelet rich plasma treatment for wrinkles takes only 15-30 minutes.

The effect after platelet rich plasma lasts several months. Series of 3-4 treatments can be performed every year.

The PRP treatment does not require convalescence – the procedure is non-invasive, so the patient can return to their daily routine right after the procedure.

The effects are visible after only 2 weeks, while the stimulation and remodeling of the skin continues for several more months.